Make Sure Your Ride is a Smooth One in Lafayette, LA

Make Sure Your Ride is a Smooth One in Lafayette, LA

Ross Tire & Service provides engine diagnostic and repair services

Are you having trouble starting your engine? Is your check engine light on? Is there a strange noise coming from your engine? Then your vehicle needs a checkup at Ross Tire & Service. With our diagnostic, repair and installation services, we’ll have your engine running smoothly again in no time. We work on engine issues for any type of vehicle.

Ross Tire & Service is firing on all cylinders

Our technicians will complete a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle to make sure it’s operating properly. Our services include:
  • Checking engine lights, batteries, fuel pressure, spark plugs, compression and more
  • Diagnosing your vehicle’s problems using cutting-edge equipment
  • Repairing engine issues with the latest products in the auto industry

Call 337-984-0099 to schedule an appointment with Ross Tire & Service, and get a free estimate today.