Dependable Auto Repair Services

Whether you need routine vehicle maintenance, extensive auto repairs, or you need new tires – we are here for you.

We Service All Makes and Models

Oil Changes with FREE Tire Rotation

Our Oil changes include a multi-point vehicle inspection and tire rotation.

Car & Truck Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Is your ‘Check Engine’ light on?
No worries, let the professional and certified mechanics at Ross Tire & Service diagnose your vehicle’s issue and get you back on the road quickly.  You can improve your vehicle’s performance by having a thorough engine diagnostic test performed.  This type of test includes checking codes that may have triggered your engine light, battery efficiency, fuel pressure, spark plug, compression and more.

Brake Inspection and Brake Repairs

Make sure your brakes are working properly before hitting the road in Lafayette, LA.
Our trained mechanics work on brake lines, lights, rotors, pads, drums and more.

Shocks, Struts, Suspension and Steering Repairs

Be sure to have your vehicle’s shocks, struts and suspension system checked and working at its optimum.
A few things that Ross Tire & Service will check for you are the bushings, fluid viscosity, and deterioration of suspension and steering components.  A damaged busing can cause premature tire wear, while loss of fluid viscosity can cause a vehicle’s ability to dissipate road impacts and become a safety issue.  Also, deteriorated components can lead to loss of control, as well as excessive body and tire movement.

Transmission Service and Flushing

One of the most important components of your vehicle is the transmission.  The transmission converts power into motion. Minor transmission problems can rapidly escalate and leave you in a bind.  Let the certified mechanics at Ross Tire & Service quickly and affordably diagnose your transmission repair needs.

Engine Cooling System Repairs and Radiator Flushing

A proper functioning cooling system and radiator will ensure that your vehicle will run smoothly and will not overheat.  Signs that you need to visit the professionals at Ross Tire & Service are vehicle notification that your coolant is low, a coolant leak, or your engine is running hot.

Front-End Inspections and Repairs

Roads in Lafayette and across Louisiana can be really rough on our vehicle’s suspension system.
Ross Tire & Service can replace tie rods, ball joints, control arms, axles and will realign your vehicle for a smoother and safer ride.

Automotive Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs

Keep comfortable on your road trip with a functioning air conditioner and heater.  We’ll quickly diagnose your vehicle’s AC and heater problems and have your system operating properly in no time. Affordable automotive AC repairs you can depend on.

State Inspections – Louisiana

We offer Louisiana State Inspections.

What is needed for your vehicle inspection:

  1. Current/valid driver’s license
  2. Current/valid vehicle registration
  3. Current proof of insurance
  4. $20.00 cash payment

Our state inspections are for 2 years.  No appointment needed.

Battery Checks and Battery Replacement Service

Ross Tire & Service is an Official Interstate Battery Dealer.  You can trust the experienced mechanics to get to the root of any automotive electrical problem you may have.  And, when it’s time to get your battery changed, you can count on Interstate Batteries.

We are a full service auto repair shop, that happens to sell tires.  And, we don’t require an appointment.